Friday, September 28, 2012

Accelerate Center: What We're All About!


What is Accelerate Center?
Accelerate Center is a clinic composed of therapists, specialists and professionals that understand and help children and adults with special needs. We offer services in: Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Educational Therapy, Psychological Evaluations and Early Intervention.

What is the Function of Accelerate Center?
-Provide quality and effective services to those with special needs
-Provide parent education through involvement and classes
-Enrich advocacy skills (Anyone can be an advocate!!)
-Build communication within our community between peers, parents, schools, etc.
-Promote awareness within our community

Who Should Come to Accelerate Center?
Anyone and EVERYONE! If you or your child is experiencing any concerns regarding learning abilities, please do not hesitate! Here at Accelerate Center, we strive to provide services to all who may need them regardless of abilities, finances, education, etc.

For additional information:
Please visit our website at  OR call us at (650) 752-6346.

"Exceeding Expectations, Accelerating Outcomes"

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