Monday, March 12, 2012

1/3 of Parents Would Buy Their Child an iPad. Would YOU?

One third of parents would get their kids an iPad, two thirds wouldn’t. Which side of the discussion do you land on? A recent research report by iYogi Insights found that of more than 2,000 parents surveyed, 33% are willing to purchase or have already purchased iPad for their children. 
With the vast majority (92%) of those in favor of the iPad approving it as a resource for kids to use for homework, it’s clear that to these parents that the iPad is more than just about gaming. It’s also for downloading e-books, doing research and using educational apps to supplement the learning they’re doing in school.
But that’s only a sliver of what the iPad offers, of course. Gaming and entertainment are huge components of iPad users, regardless of age. Kids who use iPads spend an average of $14 per month downloading games, apps and movies. And from a time consumption standpoint, parents allow their kids up to two hours daily of iPad usage, with 22% of parents giving their kids unlimited time daily.
And iPad usage doesn’t just benefit kids considering 56% of parents admitted to letting their kids use the device just to “get them out of their hair.”
The other side of the coin is the 67% of parents who wouldn’t purchase the device for their kids, stating things like “prefer kids play outside” (51%), “too expensive” (39%) and “fear it will make them less social” (34%) as the primary reasons why. Interestingly, the same population of those against the iPad in homes is willing to buy laptops, computers, Kindles, MP3 players or iPhones/smartphones for their kids.
With the recent announcement of the “New iPad” hitting shelves soon, yet another tablet choice in the ever expanding marketplace, this technological marvel is only going to be more prevalent in our lives and that of our children’s as well.
Would you buy an iPad for your kid?
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