Monday, January 9, 2012

Teaching your Kids about Money--Some great ideas to develop healthy habits!

Teaching kids about money

My kids are growing up in an environment of entrepreneurship, and from about 5 my oldest has been coming up with ideas to make her own money. She has had a bank account since she was 7 and has been encouraged to save by our own "matching" program. Whenever we shop, she has the job of comparing and contrasting for best value. If she saves us money on the shopping, she pockets it!

We also have a family currency which gets used in interesting ways as our family grows and learns... the fun of making your own money, really gets the discussions going on how to actually make money!!

We have always supported her ideas and helped her develop strategies for marketing, ways to save on production and advice for when to cut her losses!! For the past couple of years she has participated in a homeschool Kid$ Market, and that is a fabulous experience. Join us for the next one on February 15th (leave a comment and I will send you more info!).

This year Sugar Daddy is offering an Entrepreneurs Class at The Bellah CASA, an alternative education enrichment provider. We are excited to see what a little real world, hands on, life learning will produce among the kids who participate!

This blog post inspired by social moms writing prompt which I learned about via my twitter feed!Do you tweet? And how do you share your financial savvy with your offspring? Comments welcomed.

How do you teach your kids about money? How do you teach them while living in a consumer-heavy culture? We want to hear from YOU!

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